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Appointment procedure:

When you call the office of Dr. Commons, you will be greeted by a member of his staff. You can make an appointment for a treatment or request an appointment for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Commons. A consultation is usually scheduled for one hour and includes a personal evaluation, viewing of before and after pictures of the results of his surgeries, and a quote. You can also request a phone consultation with Elaine, the patient coordinator, prior to the consultation with Dr. Commons.

Elaine has worked with Dr. Commons for 16 years and has the knowledge, the educational background, and the ability to answer most questions about your potential surgery. Elaine has a vibrant personality, an enthusiastic attitude, and tends to be a great advocate for his patients.

Most of the surgery is done at The Plastic Surgery Center, a state certified and AAAASF certified facility in the same building, at 1515 El Camino Real, as his office. The surgical center contains state of the art equipment, highly qualified nurses and surgical techs specializing in plastic surgery. Most surgery is done under general or local anesthesia. Anesthesia is provided by the Associated Anesthesia Medical Group (AAMG) an incorporated group of Board Certified anesthesiologists who also provide anesthetic care at Stanford University Hospital as well as other certified facilities.

Most patients go home with a family member or friend after surgery. Accommodations can be arranged at a nearby facility with registered nurses or with a person specialized in post-operative care.

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