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Voluma Palo Alto

Voluma is an exciting new product from Allergan that is used in the upper cheek area to lift and fill out the cheekbone area. Voluma is a form of Juvéderm. It is a thicker product that lasts 2 years. It is placed near the bone and gives a beautiful lift. We had been using the Juvéderm Ultra that had longevity of around a year. This 2 year product is what patients really wanted. The injection techniques are very similar to Juvéderm Ultra with some variance for a layering approach. I ask patient to prepare one hour ahead with Emla cream about the injection site. Emla numbs the site and the Emla combined with the Xylocaine in the Voluma make the experience nearly pain free. Once injected the Voluma expands because it is hydrophilic and results in an even more perfect correction. The site of injection may or may not show a tiny bruise but larger bruises are very rare. The site of injection may be a bit sensitive for a day or two. After that it’s off to enjoying a two year correction. Be sure and wear sunscreen in any treated area for at least two weeks, a good policy regardless.

Please address all question to my office at 650.328.4570. Call for a treatment or complimentary consultation. This is another great product by Allergen.

My Best, Dr C

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