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Latisse Eyelash Enhancement Palo Alto

JuvedermLATISSE® solution is an FDA Approved prescription treatment for hypotrichosis used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker. LATISSE® works gradually adding thickness and darkness over the course of a series of treatments lasting anywhere from 8 to 16 weeks.

Latisse is simply the worlds finest substance available for growing long eye lashes. I have offered Latisse in my office since it first became available. Latisse is applied with a small single application brush and is applied daily. In 2 months you will have beautiful lashes. Even people with otherwise weak eyelashes will benefit.

Download Patient BrochureLatisse is applied by our patients in the home environment. Application is painless. Once luxurient lashes are established it is ok to try every other day application and see if that suffices. If it does fine and if not stay with the daily application. The basic chemical in Latisse was discovered to grow lashes during its use as a glaucoma medication. Latisse is a prescription drug and must be distributed by a medical office.

Latisse is simply the only drug or substance that has been proven to grow long lashes. It is in a class by itself and is number one all the way. An Allergen information pack is attached to this introduction. You can view results and enjoy further information. Other than surgery, I offer only a few products in my office and Latisse is one of only 5 offerings. I make it my policy to offer no hookas pokas, but only product that REALLY work. Latisse really works. If you would like to learn of the other 4 products we offer give me a call at 650.328.4570. Meanwhile enjoy the information Allergen offers on Latisse.

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