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The major dermal filler today is Juvederm®, made from hyaluronic substances. The durability is plus or minus 6 months. Fillers can be used anywhere a limited deficit exists. They can be used to fill lines, wrinkles and create a beautiful contour of the lips. Fillers may also be placed in the chin, cheeks, or nose for augmentation. Additional uses include the softening of hollow circles under the eyes; and the lifting of scars and depressed areas. The substance is gently injected into the area of need. Often, prior to injection, a nerve block is done to almost eliminate pain. Fillers are very popular in both fine and heavy lining of the face. The results are pleasing to patients.


Download Patient BrochureI have been doing Juvederm since it was first released and I could not be happier with any product. Juvederm is a filler hyaluronic that is used to fill areas of tissue deficiency or loss. Since the Juvederm type substance is identical in all animals and living life one cannot be allergic to it. At least not a true allergy. It would be like being allergic to water which is also in all living plant and animal life. So Juvederm is very safe. What are some examples of uses of Juvederm.

Juvederm can be used as a filler in frown lines and forehead lines, in the nasolaboal fold, in cheek lines and lip lines, as filler in deficient lips, in filler for deficient cheek bones or drficient chins, and it can be used as the best substance in the world for the liquid facelift. The lip area is such a special area for juvederm. As we age our lips thin and become lined and just not very pretty or handsome. This is due to loss of fat predominantly.

JuvedermJuvederm is wonderful to fill these lines and make lips fuller. When I discuss fuller I do not mean huge although that is possible for those that desire it. What I mean is restoring lips to their natural volume that was present in our 20s and 30s. We look older for many reasons. A big reason is loss of fat. Juvederm to the rescue. What is a treatment like? It is a dream. Patients come and Emla pain cream is applied or they apply prior to coming. If the lip area is to be treat a gentle nerve block is done eliminating all pain. Then I inject the Juvederm with a # 30 gauge needle in many tiny placement areas to restore the lips to natural beauty. A treatment takes 30 minutes and the results are instant and spectacular.

The recovery is easy. Cover up can be placed immediately if there are some tiny bruises. The evening of the treatment may show some swelling which can be controlled with icing by frozen peas or corn. Once injected the Juvederm expands 20% or so because the substance is hydrophillic. The results becomes even better. How long does Juvederm last? The standard answer is one year but I have been pleased to see some of the Juvederm continue on for 2 and 3 years. The best plan is then to add a little as the Juvederm subsides and needs replaced. Juvederm has so many indications. Juvederm can be used to correct weak cheek bones, weak chins, hollow cheeks, and yes even aged hands. Our hand age also by loss of fat and they look weak and aged. This can be corrected by adding Juvederm to the back of the hand to fill in the hollow areas. Juvederm can also be used for wrinkled earlobes, a sure sign of advanced age. I could go on and on but enough said.

Please see the Juvederm information accompanying this article. Juvederm is simply the best filler ever invented. All past fillers were flawed in some way or the other but Juvederm is as perfect as it gets. Call my office for a Juvederm consultation or treatment. We will discuss the various forms of Juvederm available and pick the very best for you. My Best, Dr C

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Questions regarding Juvederm

1. What is Juvederm?
Juvederm is a completely natural substance, hyaluronic acid, that is in all living beings and the same in all. Allergy to Juvederm is nearly zero. In all my years of using Juvederm, I have never had an allergic reaction.

2. What if I do not like the effect of my Juvederm?
It is easy to remove the Juvederm with a small injection of hyaluronidase that causes the Juvederm to disappear in a matter of hours. The injection is placed in the area of original injection of the Juvederm. Depending on dose all or a part of the original Juvederm can be removed.

3. Where can Juvederm be used?
Juvederm has many uses. The most common is lip and perioral filler about the mouth. Cheek lifts also are possible with Juvederm Voluma. Using Juvederm to help rejuvenate hands also has proven successful. Juvederm can also be used to fill in scars, particularly acne scars.

4. How long does Juvederm last?
The longevity varies but the longevity of Juvederm Ultra Plus lasts at least a year and often longer. The longevity of Juvederm Voluma lasts at least 2 years and often longer.

5. Where is Juvederm Ultra Plus used and when is Juvederm Voluma chosen?
Juvederm Ultra plus is more pliable and is used around the oral area predominantly. Juvederm Voluma is thicker and is used about the cheek bone area, the chin area, and the nasal bridge. Juvederm Voluma is also used to fill in the age grooves on the back of the hand.

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