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Chemical Peel & Dermabrasion Palo Alto

View Before and After PhotosThe upper layers of the skin contain the wrinkle lines. If the upper layer is removed, the lines disappear for 3 to 5 years. Removal can be via a chemical peel or dermabrasion or electrodermabrasion. I do all 3. Small local peels can usually be done with conscious sedation only but full face peels require an anesthesiologist. Healing takes 5-8 days. After this, make up can be applied. A smoother skin surface and decreased lining is the result. A more youthful, healthy appearance is the major gain. The results of these procedures are very well received by patients.

Chemical Peel

This is an outpatient procedure that is performed in either our office or in our general operating facility. The purpose of a facial peel is to cause the even, controlled shedding of several layers of damaged cells, so you are left with a new fresh layer of skin with more even texture and color. A facial chemical peel tightens skin and softens wrinkle lines as much as possible. Dr. Commons applies either TCA or phenol peels. These are not the superficial peels performed in day spas that only produce a nice little buff to the skin. Depending upon the depth of the peel, the patient would need about a week or two before returning to work.

Light Chemical Peel

Glycolic, Refinity or TCA peels (20%) can be performed by our nurse. These types of peels have little to no recovery time. They are designed to give subtle improvement to skin quality, but will not remove lining. Higher percentage application is applied by the physician and would involve recovery time.


Dermabrasion is a procedure used in plastic surgery to help smooth the upper layer of skin and epidermis. It can diminish the effects of scarring due to trauma or acne as well as address fine wrinkles about the mouth and face. The effect is very similar to chemical peels, but there are some distinct differences in how these procedures are used. Skin type and problems will dictate which procedure is preferable. Recovery is similar to chemical peels.

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