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BotoxBotox is a wonderful medical product that blocks neuromuscular transmission and as a result causes a vast reduction in wrinkles and the motion that causes wrinkles. Many plastic surgeons have used this fine product for themselves and their families. I have been offering Botox to my patients now for some 15 years. Botox works equally great for men and women and young and older.

Areas of particular benefit include the forehead furrows, the frown, the brow droop, the crows feet. the mid cheek wrinkles, the droopy corners of the mouth, and correction of facial asymmetry among other uses. Particular benefit is possible for patients who have suffered facial asymmetry from Bell’s Palsey or some other facial nerve illness or injury including stroke asymmetry.

Download Patient BrochureBotox also can be used to contour the face and reduce wide jaw fullness that some people have. This gives the face an oval and beautiful appearance. The treatments are so very easy. Ice is applied to the area of treatment to numb the area. A lidocaine – pontacaine cream can be used to further numb treatment areas. The liquid Botox is then injected with a very tiny 30 gauge needle. The injection is into the muscle. Comlications are exceedingly rare and temporary.

Please see the accompanying Botox information for photos and more information. An additional plus is that Botox is produced by the great Allergen Corporation which is well known for excellence. Please call my office for an appointment. I offer Botox at very fair rates and all Botox is done exclusively by me, ie., Dr Commons. I have done over 12,000 Botox treatments and have long ago mastered this fine art of Botox treatment.

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Individual results may vary.

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  1. How long does Botox last?

    Botox lasts around 4 months but does vary from person to person. This means around 3 times a year for a stable effect. Some experience longer duration as time of use progresses and also some experience the same effect with less dosage which saves money. Botox is a treatment that works well and pleases many patients.

  2. What areas does Botox effectively treat?

    Botox works well for correction of the frown, of the horizontal forehead lines, of the Crow’s feet or lateral eyelid lines,to correct droopy corners of the mouth, to reduce excessively large jaw muscles, to greatly reduce sweating of the palm of the hands or soles of the feet, and to reduce excessive perspiration of the under arm area. There are other uses but these are the most common.

  3. Is Botox painful?

    Botox is injected with a tiny 32 guage needle and the areas treated are first covered with an ice pack. The treated areas can also be treated with topical numbing cream such as Emla which works great. Discomfort associated with Botox is very minimal.

  4. What can I do after receiving Botox?

    It is best to do no strenuous exercise and certainly do not rub or massage the area. It is perfectly alright to go for a walk, to wiggle and move the muscles treated, to shower, and to take your normal medications.

  5. Does the injection of the palm of the hand last very long to diminish perspiration?

    Yes the decrease of perspiration lasts around 6 months. The pain of injection is reduced to near zero with Emla cream into a surgical glove that is then applied to the hand for one hour prior to treatment. Ice packs also help.

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