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Lip and Mouth Correction Palo Alto

Lip and Mouth concerns may be congenitally based or an age acquired problem. If lips are excessively large or asymmetric, they can be reduced or adjusted. If lips are thin and deficient, they can be made fuller. Lip enhancement can be accomplished with fat transplantation which can be of long term or semi-permanent durability. Fillers include hyaluronic fillers such as Juvederm®. Juvederm ® is an excellent temporary remedy popular with many movie stars. Lip reduction is a pure surgical reduction procedure.
Major issues about the mouth and lip area include lines. These lines are somewhat based both on age and heredity. Smoking certainly does not help. The primary causes of lines include fat and collagen loss. The corrective procedures include dermabrasion, chemical peels (see non-surgical section), and fat injections or hyaluronic fillers. It is possible to return lips to a youthful fullness and reduce lining by 90% or more. This often takes more than one procedure.

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