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Face and Neck Liposuction Palo Alto

Liposuction of the face and neck is one of the greatest procedures in plastic surgery. The areas treated include the neck, the fat turkey waddle, the double chin, the blunted chin, the under chin, the jowls, the fat chipmunk cheeks, and the preauricular fat face syndrome. So what make face and neck liposuction such an appealing procedure? Several issues apply here. Face and neck liposuction is simple, almost never has complications, can be done under a local twilight anesthesia, has little post-operative pain, do not hurt during surgery, have rapid 2 or 3 day recovery, do not hurt much after surgery, have very little bruising or swelling, almost never have post-surgical complication issues, and have very modest costs.

So who is a candidate for face and neck liposuction? The answer is simple. Many people with lipodystrophies of the face are candidates. People with excessive facial and neck fat are everywhere. Excess fat can be a result of genetics or it can occur because of eating to much and weight gain. The good news is that there is basically a cure with liposuction. A fat face makes even a skinny person look overweight. The procedure is just so appreciated by our patients. Is there an age range? Yes to a degree. Age is a factor. Nevertheless our patient ages have ranged from 15 to 79. If there is excess fat and the person’s skin is of good tone, they can have and benefit from facial and neck liposuction. Skin retracts so well in the neck that it is just not a problem to do people in older age ranges quite often. Fifteen year old candidates are generally slender 15 year old boys and girls who have congenital excess fat of face and neck. Like a LARGE NOSE, congenital fat of the face and neck will not go away. This is not baby fat which is indeed a result of simply being overweight.

The procedure is a surgery and is done in a n operating room. At our facility, the Plastic Surgery Center Palo Alto, ( ) patients come and have face and neck liposuction under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. The procedure takes about 1 hour or less and after surgery patients spend about 30 minutes recovering in our operating facility. I prefer to use the Vaser System for Liposuction because it works infinitely better than any other system out there. The Vaser System of Solta Medical is just a miraculous system. The Vaser is a highly refined way of delivering ultrasound energy to the fat and skin. The fat is gently emulsified and the skin retracts better after Vaser application. The Vaser System is clearly the best way to do face and neck liposuction. The results are beautiful. In fact the Vaser System of Solta Medical is the best way to do liposuction anywhere, period!

The process begins usually in the morning. Our patients are admitted and spend 30 minutes with our fine nursing staff. After that they go to the operating room and monitors are connected for safety. Medication to relax is given. The anesthesia is injected under the skin and immediately takes effect. This is not painful. The patient can choose to be asleep or awake. The Vaser is applied for 10 or 15 minutes. Tiny Vaser Cannula are used and tiny liposuction cannula of 1.8 and 2.4 mm are used to extract the emulsified fat. This is all done very gently to eliminate post operative discomfort. The very tiny needle stick incisions are closed with one stitch each. A comfortable dressing is applied. The dressing is removed the next day in the office. The patient is immediately allowed to shampoo and shower and the sutures are removed in 4 days. There is little if any bruising. If a little bruising does occur, it is located far down on the patient’s neck and is easily hidden with a turtle neck shirt, blouse, or sweater. The little bruising that does occur dissipates in one week. What a great procedure! The patient can have surgery Friday and be back at work on Monday!

What does the patient do when they arrive at their home after the operation? The first step is to rest with the head elevated. The second thing to do is to apply ice packs to the face and neck. Take Vicodan if needed or just some Tylenol or Advil usually suffices. Avoid salt (sodium chloride) and you will swell much less as with all operations. Have soft foods and liquids and do not eat things that require a lot of chewing. Ice chips and cold drinks help decrease swelling. The wound at rest heals best, so watch TV or read a book and listen to music. You will feel well but do not overdo it.
When are you ready for your annual photo that just may appear on your Christmas or Holiday Card? This is best planned at a date no sooner that 4 to 6 weeks. You will look fine before that but with a little patience, the results will be even better. A little numbness may persist for 4 or 5 months but this will not bother you and does not affect your appearance. The excellent results of this procedure almost always appear quickly. Some people with very fat heavy faces take longer and men take a little longer than women.

So, if questions occur, please feel free to call or email me and I will be happy to answer any and all questions. Incidentally the results are good for a lifetime and even if you gain weight your face will not change much.

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