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Mastopexy is the surgical term for lifting and improving the shape or position of the female breast. Good candidates have the following indications:

  • Loss of firmness and skin elasticity.
  • A breast that is ptotic (sagging) or pendulous, but is in proportion to the rest of the body.
  • A breast that is elongated in shape or flattened.
  • A breast nipple that falls below the breast crease or points downward.
  • An enlarged nipple with stretched skin.

Before and After PhotosThe breast uplift is a wonderful operation as a result of the vertical incision techniques developed over the past few years. The older techniques were less favorable and had longer scar patterns. The inverted “T” or “anchor incision” has been replaced by a better operation that gives a more attractive, natural and youthful shape to the breast. The vertical approach is also more affordable since the operating time is shorter. There have been many names applied to this truly remarkable technique: short incision mammoplasty, short scar mammoplasty and vertical mammoplasty. The incisions are limited to around the areola (dark area around the nipple) and a short vertical incision from the base of the nipple to the breast crease. Basically, the incision is lollypop shaped. The old horizontal incision is gone forever. Enlarged nipples can be made smaller.

Breast uplifts can be performed with or without a breast augmentation. When an increase in breast volume is also desired, breast implants may be inserted in conjunction with the lift. At the time of consultation, I will examine the patient and determine how much breast tissue she has to obtain the best result. Many are able to obtain nice results with just the uplift, while others may be deficient in tissue and need augmentation with the uplift for fullness.

Ultrasonic breast uplifts are used to tighten skin and create a better shape. It is useful in selected cases and will be discussed in the consultation. The only ultrasonic system that is safe and productive is the Vaser® Sound Surgical System of lower thermal ultrasonic energy.

I do not like the Benelli, “purse string” or “donut” technique. I have examined unhappy patients (not mine), that developed nipple wrinkling and unsightly scarring that resembled a starburst from the Benelli technique. One lady pointed out to me that when she bent over, the nipples became concave. I mention this technique only to condemn it.

Recovery from breast uplift, with or without augmentation, is usually within 10 days. Most patients return to work after two weeks with minimal discomfort.

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