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Ultrasonic Liposuction Palo Alto

The Vaser LipoSelection® technique is considered by many to be the diamond-platinum standard worldwide, replacing previous ultrasonic systems for many excellent reasons. These will be extensively discussed.

View Before and After PhotosMany people have seen videos of old liposuction techniques and are fearful. The old techniques worked okay, but the video looked like a sword fight. The Vaser LipoSelection technique by comparison is gentle. It is like moving the bow of a violin through the tissues very gently, which causes the fat to liquefy or emulsify. The result is a liquid fat that is easily removed via a tiny cannula. I watch and continue to review the various external machines that claim to reduce fat deposits and I am not sufficiently impressed. I view them as largely weak to useless. I similarly regard injections to reduce fat (mesotherapy) as painful and ineffective treatments that produce unacceptable results.

Prior to 1996, ultrasonic liposuction technology was imperfect and questionable. After ultrasonic liposuction was introduced to the USA in 1996, great advances were made.

My entry into the world of ultrasonic liposuction came in 1996. I was invited to be a member of the Ultrasonic Task Force of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. I was chosen for my extensive experience with liposuction, presentations, and teaching courses at meetings and my faculty appointment at the Stanford University School of Medicine. My mission, along with the other initial task force members, was to evaluate ultrasonic liposuction and the available equipment prior to its release for general use by all plastic surgeons one year later. In 1996, I performed over 250 cases of liposuction with ultrasonic techniques. I concluded that the procedure was safe and beneficial to patients. Similar favorable findings were reported nationwide. In general, ultrasonic techniques made it easier for the surgeon and patient, to obtain typically excellent results. I found that fibrous areas such as the back, male chest and arms were more effectively treated. The skin retraction was better, and results were smoother than with other technologies. Early testing established that ultrasonic liposuction was an asset.

From 1996 to 1998, I established ultrasonic liposuction in Palo Alto and co-founded the same in Northern California with the liposuction team at the University of California in San Francisco. (Steve Mathes, M.D. brilliantly led this effort at UCSF Medical Center.)

I have written published papers on liposuction, large volume liposuction, ultrasonic liposuction, and Vaser technology. My anesthesia colleagues and I have presented many safety & technique courses for liposuction, large volume liposuction and Vaser LipoSelection at our local, state, and national meetings. As the originator of Vaser ultrasonic LipoSelection in Palo Alto, I have used the Vaser method exclusively for over 5 years and consider it unsurpassed in the performance of lipoplasty. Others have joined me in recognition of Vaser LipoSelection excellence.

The term LipoSelection simply refers to the gentle fat-selectiveness of the Vaser system. The Vaser probe is a delicate titanium instrument only 2.2, 2.9 or 3.7 mm. thick. The Vaser system is a low heat way of delivering ultrasonic energy that selects fat cells. Only fat is liquefied, leaving nerves, arteries, veins, connective tissues and muscles unharmed. The older archaic ultrasonic systems deliver high heat and can produce burns, pain, and seromas. The old systems are generally not even marketed today, but still remain in operating rooms. I consider the Vaser system to be the best ultrasonic technology, because it is gentle and allows the surgeon to work safely near the undersurface of the skin, to promote skin retraction and ultimate smoothness. The delicate titanium Vaser probe delivers a lower temperature or low heat ultrasonic energy for enhanced patient safety, which is why I prefer this system when teaching Stanford residents. My patients report less post operative pain and their results are simply better.

At times, I find the Vaser system very beneficial even if little or zero fat removal is contemplated. Lax skin of the arms, back, neck, thighs, abdomen and chest can be stimulated to basically shrink and improve. This application works well on patients of all ages including older patients with lax skin. Vaser application can also be used to tighten skin after relapse of a small degree from a facelift. Additionally, I have found Vaser ultrasonic LipoSelection useful in selected 100 lbs. + weight loss patients to promote smoothness along with skin resection.

A study has shown excellent results in axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) patients. I was involved in conducting a study to define the role and use of Vaser application in patients with excessive underarm perspiration and odor. This is a simple procedure that is far more affordable than many of the alternative axillary treatments. Vaser energy is applied to the sweat glands in the axilla through a single ¼ inch incision. This stops the function of the glands and produces a dry underarm. A little fat is emulsified in the process and this is removed with a 3 mm. tiny cannula. Recovery is rapid and pain is minimal. Patients typically return to work in 3-4 days.

I have performed liposuction on over 3200 patients to date. Of these, over 2000 patients have received ultrasonic liposuction, with over 1100 Vaser LipoSelection treatments. I have and continue to conduct studies to perfect ultrasonic Vaser applications. In conclusion, I consider the Vaser system for doing ultrasonic liposuction the best available technology on the market. It deserves its worldwide reputation for producing results that appear smoother and natural with less pain, bruising, and swelling. The skin retraction of my patients is better than ever. The procedure is gentle. The Vaser system is becoming the worldwide standard.

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