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Fat Transfer Palo Alto

With fat transfer, Dr Commons will improve the appearance of your face, nose, chest, breasts, abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and calves. Certainly the most popular areas of fat transplantation include the face, the breasts, and the buttocks. The fat transfer procedure to the buttocks is referred to as the Brazilian Butt Lift. The transfer, of course, must be artistic and in accord with the patient’s body. Lets look at fat transfer to some of the most popular areas.

The buttocks, face, and breasts are getting the most attention when it comes to fat transplantation. Lets look at the buttocks first. The indication for the Brazilian Butt procedure is a small flat buttocks that the patient wants larger. At times the buttocks may be not so small to start with, but the patient simply desires the larger look that is quite popular and attractive. The Brazilian Butt Lift is simply fat harvest and transfer to the buttocks area. Fat can be harvested from most any reasonable donor site including flanks and back, thighs, abdomen, and arms. Once harvested via gentle liposuction, the fat is centrifuged and processed and placed into smaller syringes of 10 cc size. Then using gentle injection needles fat is transferred to the appropriate areas of the buttocks. If one side is smaller, more fat can be transferred to the smaller side. The goal is natural symmetry and beauty. Fat is injected into the area above the muscle only. Direct muscle injection is avoided because this can lead to fat to the lungs and serious illness. Since about 70% of the injected fat is expected to survive and 30% lost, a sruplus of about 30% is transferred. This works nicely and patients appreciate this greatly. Recovery is easy and back to work in 4 or 5 days is the rule.

Breast enhancement wit fat is another popular procedure. Like the buttocks, breast fat survival is around 70%. Like the buttocks breasts come in pairs that must match. Breasts are scrutinized much more than buttocks because people see themselves in mirrors continuously. The technique is very similar to that used for the buttocks. I feel the best place to place the fat is in the same space above the muscle that accommodates implants. Fat is placed subglandular and above the pectoral muscle. Will the fat stay? I believe that what is there at a year is a living part of the individual and will stay put for a lifetime. Fat to breasts pleases many patients.

The face is an excellent area for fat transfer. As we age much of our facial fat atrophies or gos away. We lose fat in our cheeks, temples, forehead, around our eyes, in our lips and oral area, and in our orbital area. We can lose fat anywhere in our facial area and we do from about age 40 onward. Sometimes earlier. Fat to the face can come from abdomen, arms, thighs, or any where convenient. Unlike the buttocks and breasts, not much fat is needed to correct facial deformities. Rarely is more than 90 cc of fat transferred to he face while 200 to 900 cc can go to the buttocks at times. Fat can restore beautiful lips and oral area. The sunken appearance about the cheeks and eyes can be improved. The temples can be restore to normal and not appear sunken. There is even evidence the skin quality improves after stem cell rich fat is transferred. Fat is very rich in stem cells and this explains its value. Tiny transfer needles are used in the facial area. These needles result in minimal trauma to the face and very limited bruising. Transfer of fat to the upper mid chest area and neck can greatly restore the appearance and quality of the skin. What a future fat has. Dr Commons has been harvesting and transferring fat for many years and understands its value. This allows Dr Commons to help you attain your goals. Come for a complimentary consultation. Discuss how fat transfer can help you. You can put your excess fat cells to work for YOU.

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