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Is the doctor a real plastic surgeon? Best ten questions to ask.

Published on July 14, 2013 by

Doctor please tell me: 1. Are you a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and therefore approved by the American Board of Medical Specialties as a real fully trained and boarded surgeon? 2. Are you boarded as a diplomat

Axillary Incisions – Breast Augmentation Palo Alto

Published on July 1, 2013 by

There are several possible incision sites to consider when getting breast augmentation surgery. As a patient, it’s always in your best interest to educate yourself about your options. One of these options is the axillary incision (also known as a

Your Breast Surgeon may have no surgical boards or hospital privileges.

Published on July 26, 2012 by

Your surgeon may have no plastic surgery training or worse yet may be not a surgeon of any type at all warns Dr A Youn and Dr G Commons (Palo Alto Plastic Surgeon) PLEASE SEE BELOW DR YOUN’S SUPERB ARTICLE

MDs that are not certified surgeons doing San Francisco Bay Area Breast Surgery

Published on July 23, 2012 by

Many breast surgeries in the San Francisco Bay area are done by MDs that are untrained surgeons. Surgical training requires a full residency in general and plastic surgery of 7 to 10 years. Unfortunately in California, MDs that are general

Correction of Loose Sagging Skin

Published on April 18, 2012 by

Sagging Skin Post Pregnancy. What To Do? After pregnancy it is best to wait at least on year before having any surgery. Next be sure you weight is ideal or at least where you want to live your lift. Exercise

All About Breast Augmentation by Natrelle

Published on March 14, 2012 by

This is a wonderful website that you will enjoy. If you are considering a breast augmentation you must see this website of Natrelle with many photos.

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