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Can Liposuction Solve the United States of America’s Fat Epidemic?

No, it is not the solution, but it can be part of the solution in motivating we Americans to lose weight. How is this possible? Well, large volume liposuction can remove as much as 30 pounds of fat at one setting. This can be accomplished by 3 separate surgeries at our facility, (the Plastic Surgery center of Palo Alto), or one surgery at Sequoia Hospital. Sequoia is a wonderful hospital with world wide recognition in complex heart surgery and liposuction. Once 30 pounds or so of fat is removed, the patient feels free of the burden and flies with the wind to to lose the next 30 or 60 or more lbs. Of course patient motivation is critical in this endeavor. I supply generous portions of my time to assist the patient and of course arrange professional counseling if requested and needed. This is not the route for every patient, but for some it is the beginning of a new, thin life. Come for a consultation and I will discuss you and your needs and desires. My Best, Dr George Commons, MD, FACS.

Posted in Plastic Surgery on February 29th, 2012

Liposuction excellence depends on surgeon experience and perfection, not technology.

85% of all the world’s liposuction is done with simple small cannulas and no high technology. Although I was a founder of ultrasonic liposuction in the Palo Alto area and still selectively use Vaser Ultrasonic Liposuction for selective cases, nevertheless I fully agree with those that believe it is the surgeon’s ability that really counts. A capable surgeon can get nice results with any of the high technology systems and with just a simple cannula with no high technology assist. Its the surgeon and the surgeon’s experience and training that counts, not any form of technology. Many very expensive technological systems have evolved including, ultrasound, laser, power assist, freezing systems, microwave systems, and more. They are all interesting and expensive but there is no proof of enhanced results with any high technology system. Good surgeons get good results with any high technology and with very simple systems used by 85% of of the world’s surgeons for 85% of cases. High technology costs a lot of money and remember patients pay for it. Nevertheless , I do find the Vaser Ultrasound System useful for redo areas, for back and flanks, and for the male chest. For all else the simple small cannula is inexpensive and perfectly effective. My Best, Dr George Commons

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Why Breast Augmentation?

Possibly the best candidates overall for breast augmentation are women with minimal breast development, who are b by it in any way, and want to change. The goal is to get these ladies to a more or less normal average breast size for their age and weight and height, etc.

This then results in an ability to wear a full array of clothes with ease. As a result self confidence and general happiness is enhanced. Gratitude approaches 100%. Breast augmentation done with safety and excellence costs in the $5500 to $6500 category.

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Turning Back the Clock with Plastic Surgery

A recent study asking volunteers to guess the age of patients who had plastic surgery estimated that on average, a patient who goes under the knife appears seven years younger than their age.

The volunteers, all first-year medical students, believed the subjects to be an average of 7.2 years younger. The study only evaluated facial procedures. The study was conducted by Nitin Chauhan and Peter Adamson of the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada and Jeremy Warner of the NorthShore University Health System in Evanston, Illinois.

They said:

“The goal of aesthetic facial surgery is to improve one’s appearance and to ‘turn back the clock. Our data demonstrate a significant and consistent reduction in perceived age after aesthetic facial surgery.”

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Magic beauty machines that may not do much beauty.

There are machines advertised to shrink your fat, improve your wrinkles, remove your hair, make your breasts grow bigger, make your tummy flatter, make your saddle bags shrink, make your skin shrink, make your sweaty armpits not sweat, and on and on. Dozens of machines. Of course most do something, but all to often they don’t do enough to please patients. All too often patients feel cheated. The medical machines are very pricy to buy (50,000 to 250,000 dollars) and the fees for patients are high. But the results all too often are weak and certainly not as high as prices. . Hair removal works better than any of the others. Be very cautious about machine manufactured beauty promises. All too ofter their is disappointment.Always ask for the anticipated results in writing. Ask to speak to 10 patients who have had the procedure and pick 3 of the ten to call or they call you. Don’t fantasize about spectacular results. Be prepared to accept very minor improvement. My Best Dr Commons

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Your Post-Surgery Healing Timeframe

Weakling after a surgical facelift is 90% gone in 2 or 3 weeks. You look okay to go back to work and life in 2 weeks.

Actual healing takes one year. Numbness in your cheeks persists for a year but decreases monthly. When your feeling is 100% back you are 100% healed. This takes a year and is a great measuring point. Much anxiety can be prevented by simple patience when it come to healing.

There is no way to speed up healing. Healing can be hindered by poor diet, excessive early activity, and rough treatment of your face but really nothing speeds it up beyond normal healing. Wounds heal in older people as well as in younger people. So be patient and you will be rewarded.

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Liposuction to Reduce Large Breasts

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Why Fat Beats Implants in Buttocks Enlargement

We often get inquiries about butt implants, a procedure Dr. Commons does not perform for a couple of reasons. What he does for patients interested in enlarging their buttocks, is fat transfers.

This is why.

Liposuction of the abdomen, thighs and flanks provides fat that can be transferred to the buttocks. It is known that only half the fat transferred will survive. The final result when done properly is femininely shaped buttocks that fill out an attractive figure.

Silicone gel implants are often uncomfortable and unnatural-looking. Patients opting to go the silicone route elsewhere should take caution, as we’ve seen implants become infected and swollen. There is nothing like the real thing – your own fat put to good use.

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What to Look for in a Plastic Surgeon

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Dangers of Cut Rate Surgical facilities.

Beware of dangerous surgical facilities.

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